1799 Bust Dollar Miniset



Here are three 1799 Bust dollars about as different as three 1799 Bust dollars could possibly be. The contrast, to my eyes, makes this miniset visually interesting.















Gorgeously toned PCGS AU-53 1799 dollar. This is one of the nicest Bust dollars I've ever seen. It has no scratches or other distracting marks, and though it has experienced a bit of circulation, as is evident from the slight wear on Liberty's drapery and the eagle's head and wings, it hasn't experienced much. This modest wear indicates the coin was used as money and gives it character without detracting from its overall beauty, which is strikingly accentuated by the totally original toning. On the obverse, the toning is darker in the fields and lighter on Liberty, causing her to stand out. Not visible in these photos are delicate underlying hues of blues and pinks on both obverse and reverse. The distinctive toning around the periphery of the reverse may have been caused by the coin having been stored for years in an envelope, with glue from it or a rubber band around it darkening the surface this way, which adds to the visual interest.















Scruffy but still attractive holed 1799 dollar. This coin looks to have been cleaned at some point in its past, as many Bust dollars were, and since then it has picked up additional toning as well as some recent scruff marks. The scruffiness, most noticeable on Liberty's bust, may have resulted from the coin having been worn recently as jewelry, or it may have resulted from careless handling by a dealer. There are otherwise no distracting marks. Though the toning is monochromatic, the coin exhibits attractive contrast between the lighter devices and the darker fields. The hole is round and neat. Discounting the hole, I'd grade the coin F-15.















Gouged, scratched, stained, heavily worn, and sloppily plugged 1799 dollar. This is the ugliest Bust dollar I've ever seen, which is the reason I bought it (I illustrate other ugly Bust dollars here.) In additional to the overt damage, the above coin is nearly worn to a basal-state featureless slug. I'd grade it Fair or F-2 for wear, since you can discern the date, if barely, and Poor or PO-1 (or perhaps PO minus 1) for overall eye appeal. Despite its marvelous unattractiveness, it's not of course the most unattractve Bust dollar imaginable. It's not corroded, bent, rim dinged, graffitoed, soldered, mount marked, whizzed, date altered, or artificially toned. So who's perfect?



















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