Draped Bust Dollars


Grading is partly subjective, and overgrading has always been a part of numismatics. Savvy collectors learn to grade for themselves rather than accept at face value the grade of a coin assigned by someone else. Some grading services have looser grading standards than others. No grade is "official."

The coins on this page were all auctioned on eBay. They are examples of what I regard as overgrading. You may feel otherwise -- this is the subjective part of grading. You can find coins that you would consider overgraded being sold raw or in the slabs of grading services. The standards of various grading services change over time, so these coins shouldn't necessarily be regarded as representing the current (or future) grading standards of any specific grading service.




1798 dollar graded "VF to XF closer to XF"



1799 dollar graded AU-50 by ACG



1799 dollar graded AU-50 by NTC



1799 dollar graded "Fine Plus" and described as "lightly cleaned"



1800 dollar graded "Stunning VF Plus"



1800 dollar graded XF-40 by SEGS



1801 dollar graded EF



1801 dollar graded AU-55 by NGC



1802 dollar graded "EF/Unc."



1803 dollar graded EF and described as "sharp and fully detailed"




Despite the risks from overgrading, counterfeits, and other deception, once you get involved with collecting Draped Bust coins, as many people have, you may find them irresistible. Anne Bingham lives on and is appreciated still in a way that few others can match.

Here are some other images of Anne Willing Bingham.



Draped Bust


Anne's Life

Anne's Death

1804 Dollar


Dollar Set






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